Yielding Health

The human body is amazingly complex and beautiful. We can keep it working well by taking some simple steps that include, not just good nutrition, but also exercise, clean water, rest, fresh air and sunshine. And given the right conditions, the human body can even heal itself. Keep in mind, too, that a healthy body equals a healthy mind.



Fruits, especially berries, are great for breaking that overnight fast. Dark berries like blueberries contain plant chemicals that strengthen the immune system and may protect against cancer. Because of their thin skins, which can easily absorb pesticides, always opt for organic berries. This also goes for grapes.



Because of our busy lives, we tend to eat our heaviest meals at night when the digestive system is slower. Eating a lighter dinner and/or eating  4 hours before going to bed will put less stress on the digestive system and may also promote better sleep. 

Try adding more salads or vegetables to your lunch or dinner, especially dark green leafy vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables like kale, cabbage and broccoli contain strong antioxidants that may help fight cancer. Do make sure to eat a variety of vegetables so switch it up regularly or go with whatever's in season.